Whoever developed / approved the traffic management plan for last night’s ACDC concert in Brisbane should hang their head in shame. After making good time on the bus from the CBD to Klumpp Road, it took 40mins to travel the last 1.6km.

The problem? Only one half of the driveway into QSAC was open, and then it was under police control operating alternatively one-way in for arriving buses, and then one-way out for departing buses. Then, to really stuff it up, throngs of pedestrians were encouraged to cross Mains Road at the very same point. All this, while maintaining four through lanes on Mains Road.

Traffic engineering 101 tell us efficiency and safety are maximised by separating users according to mode and function … not by forcing them to all converge at a single point.

PTT would be willing to prepare a new / better TMP for the next major event at QSAC free of charge, just to prove a point!